Most of us know the benefits that come from running a branded hotel: recognition, distribution channels, learning resources, marketing, operating manuals, loyalty programs, etc.
However, many high-quality medium and large properties are run as independent/unbranded hotels for a variety of reasons.

And of course, there is no shortage of advice on the Internet telling how to run every aspect of your hotel better. Articles, white papers, webinars, prepackaged solutions and best-practice guides – yes, even some written by our own team – aim to make running a hotel as easy as pie.

What else do you need? Not to disrespect everyone’s favorite search engine but the Internet can only provide you with a generic answer that works for most… but not necessarily for your specific situation.

Doing everything right might not be enough

You have probably seen at least one ‘good’ restaurant go out of business despite it doing everything seemingly right, why? The reason why good restaurants fail has more to do with external factors than with the actual restaurants. Those external factors are unique to each locale and cannot be solved by following generic advice. The same is true for independent hotels.

Even if you have a quality product, a strong team and great tools in place, you still need a hotel marketing expert to analyze your unique situation and make sure that your hotel has a compelling, relevant and unique value proposition.

It needs to be clear to guests why they should choose your hotel instead of one of the other also-good, also-well-reviewed properties in your market.

Our solution: it’s time for one-on-one

We have helped transform more independent hotels, as well as more large, medium and small hotel brands than we can count. And we are making you the following offer:

A senior member of the Navigant Marketing team will have a one-on-one consultation with you about your independent hotel and its unique situation. We will present specific actionable items relevant to your hotel, their rationale and the estimated cost to implement those recommendations. The decision to proceed will be entirely yours.

Give us a call at 305-445-9020 or contact us.

This offer is valid through Summer 2013 and applies to medium and large independent properties with a minimum of 175 rooms and located in the United States, Canada, or in an International resort market dominated by tour operators.