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Project Description

Overview: Viva Resorts operates all-inclusive resorts in 3 Caribbean destinations: The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. Each destination caters to different lifestyles and offers different amenities, activities and excursions. Their guest mix is not primarily North-American and includes travelers from around the world. Navigant Marketing was tasked with developing a customized social media strategy for Viva Resorts and to implement, launch and manage their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The following components make the core of Viva Resorts’ social media strategy:

Brand voice – Developed a tone, manner and style of speaking to use in all Viva Resorts social media postings and interaction.

Standard operating procedures – Designate the proper responses and teams responsible for each type of guest interaction situation

Facebook presence – comprehensive Facebook page with the following features:

  • Dedicated tabs, one for each resort. Each featuring slide show, click-through link to website, and integrated booking engine
  • Dual booking engine: queries initiated in North America are routed via one booking engine, International queries are routed via a secondary booking engine, all seamlessly, query results are displayed in the correct website and in the corresponding language based on initial client input
  • Multi language: all brand content exists in English, Spanish, Italian and French, with language toggles on all pages

Targeting guests during their stay – the What’s Happening page: Navigant implemented a CMS-driven page accessible to each resort social media coordinator for posting of activities, notices and calendars of events. These events are updated via a centralized back end, in three languages and directly by resort personnel

Project Details