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Project Description

Background: Larkspur Hotels is one of three brands in the Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants group, a small chain with properties in California and the Pacific Northwest. As the namesake brand of the group, Larkspur Hotels had been designated as a growth brand and the agency was tasked with developing the brand’s look and feel, website user experience and creative direction for all brand in-house and collateral materials.

Our Approach: The Larkspur Hotels brand is primarily a “conversion” brand – meaning most hotels joining the brand come from other chains – and as a result differ greatly from one another in appearance, size, features, etc. To develop a consistent brand we made a strategic decision focus not on the hotel per se, but on the experience that guests would have while staying at the hotel.

This value proposition was clearly communicated in the phrase “What will you do today at a Larkspur hotel” and its multiple property-specific applications such as “What will you do today in Mill Valley?” The main visual element of the brand’s look and feel is the “word skin” which contains a series of verbs related to activities possible around each property (ex. relax, enjoy, hike, dine, fish, etc.)

Campaign Components Included:

  • Comprehensive look and feel
  • Advertising campaign
  • Web banners
  • In-house items for hotel use
  • Collateral and sales material
  • Brand and property-specific websites look and feel