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Project Description

Challenge: Viva Wyndham Resorts wanted to significantly increase their U.S. and Canadian fan base on Facebook.

Our Approach: Navigant Marketing worked with the brand to implement a targeted fan acquisition strategy featuring a 7-night vacation at any Viva Wyndham Resort property located in the Dominican Republic, Mexico or the Bahamas.

The “Escape to Paradise” Sweepstakes campaign was developed to appeal to an audience that experiences unfortunately cold weather over the promotion period, from January to March. The overall look and feel was driven by this concept, showcasing sharp, eye-catching creative, paired with a highly appealing prize so fans could escape from the routine of their everyday work life.

Outcome: The sweepstakes is currently ongoing, but in just 6 weeks the Facebook page has gained over 24,400 new fans in the U.S. and Canada markets. (final results will be posted in Q2)

Technical Details: To effectively manage and accurately track the promotion, a fan-gated sweepstakes application was created and launched on the brand’s Facebook page. Additionally, a fan exclusive value-added bonus was offered just for entering the sweepstakes, providing a 20% off discount code to be applied when booking on vivaresorts.com, effectively increasing web traffic.

Promotional Support: The sweepstakes campaign was supported by regularly scheduled Facebook posts promoting the sweepstakes, a targeted Facebook display advertising, blog seeding and e-mail blasts.