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Project Description

Baymont Inn & Suites competes in the highly undifferentiated mid-scale hotel segment, by far the most competitive segment of the hotel industry, with over 30 hotel chains in this market segment in the U.S. alone. Baymont had just joined the Wyndham Hotel Group. The agency was tapped to re-position the newly-acquired brand and to help it claim its rightful place in the midscale market in order to propel growth.

The key challenge was to identify, validate and leverage core attributes hidden in the brand and develop a strong positioning statement and branding campaign to bring these attributes to life.

Using a combination of sourced research, customer satisfaction studies and our own custom research we identified the strongest possible attribute for Baymont: hometown hospitality. By basing the brand’s positioning on hometown hospitality we achieved multiple objectives:

  • Accurate: the brand’s origins were in the U.S. Midwest with a heavy concentration of hotels around the Great Lakes region. This is an area known for its attentive and hospitable service, qualities that were already present in a majority of Baymont’s staff.
  • Relevant: it goes without saying that providing great, hospitable service goes a long way towards satisfying hotel guests at any price point.
  • Differentiating: a focus on service, as in our Hometown Hospitality, is something that most midscale brands are not known for. This meant that Baymont was the first midscale brand to truly differentiate itself based on service in a field of competitors that repeated lists of features and amenities that most hotels in the segment already had.

To bring this positioning to life, a comprehensive multi-channel media campaign was developed and rolled out nationally using a series of handwritten notes from staff to guests as a key visual element.

This campaign proved to be not just be eye-catching and different but also effective. Together with other initiatives the brand has cemented its place in the midscale segment and has grown to over 250 hotels in the last 5 years.

Project Details