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Project Description

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate wanted to celebrate their reaching 100,000 fans on their Facebook page.

Navigant Marketing worked with the brand to implement a promotion featuring a giveaway of custom cookie cutters shaped like a house.

The promotion was announced with commemorative graphics and posts, it went live once the 100,000 fan mark was crossed and the first 100 lucky fans to fill out the form received their cookie cutter. Once the first 100 submissions were received and the prizes were exhausted, the form changed to display a sugar cookie recipe instead.

Outcome: The cookie cutters were gone within 30 minutes of the promo going live, by the end of the day an additional 1,500 members had been added and by the following weekend the brand had surpassed 105,000 fans.

Technical Details: To manage the promotion, a conditional form was developed and implemented on the brand’s Facebook page. This custom form was designed to self-terminate after 100 submissions, at that point the form switched to a sugar cookie recipe with download capabilities.