In your upcoming travels into the depths of the internet to find your social media content, you’re sure to come across words/things you don’t understand. Just like in business, people get tired of saying the same, somewhat long-winded things over and over, so they shorten them. And because you aren’t part of the culture (yet), you’ll quickly realize its like reading Greek. (Unless you are Greek, in which case, it’s like reading Latin, or German, maybe.) So here’s a handy reference guide so you can speak fluent “Inter-nesian”

IRL: In Real Life
(Ex: stalking people on Facebook is acceptable, IRL it’s not.)

TL;DR: Too Long Didn’t Read
(Usage: usually used after a really long post, and followed by a summary… I should probably think about including these in all my posts)

TIL: Today I Learned
(Usage: Usually used on Reddit to start a little known fact.)
(Ex: TIL George Harrison’s last letter was written to Mike Myers to tell him how much he like the Austin Powers’ series)

IAMA / AMA: I Am A / Ask Me Anything
(Usage: Another Reddit gem, this is a way to open up a line of questioning for someone interesting)
(Ex: IAmA Navigant Marketing Travel/Hospitality Creative Director. AMA.)

Meme: A subculture phenomenon.
(A Meme can be considered just about anything that is copied and shared over and over and over with different variations. These can range from “Gangnam style” to a picture that gets different copy written over it. And comic value is based on taste.)

FTFY: Fixed That For You
(Usage: Usually in response to a faulty post. One person comments, the next corrects them but starts with FTFY.)

I’m sure there’s tons more but, so if you come across anything that just doesn’t make sense… consult your local web geek… me.