International Branding

Branding and advertising projects are always laced with variables including demographics, ownability, actual uses vs. aspirational uses, flexibility to grow and limitations to inhibit inconsistency —and this is all before you lay the first idea to paper. But one variable that can change all other variables is whether or not it’s an International brand, and where it will end up in the world.

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Photo Shoot? or Photoshop?

Everyone wants “custom” photography for their brand. They often want something no one will see anywhere else. And for good reason… it’s an ownable feature of your brand. Hugo Boss has always had a recognizable photo style, Grey Goose and Chase Bank both utilize photos that employ monotone colors with color highlights and are very memorable, and lately McDonalds has been doing ads and billboards that don’t even including their logo… that’s trusting your photo style to be representative of your brand itself.

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Man, now you’re speaking my language!

This post is titled after a phrase uttered by a new business prospect a few days ago, and it embodies one of the main reasons companies hire us: specialization. In the example above, the prospect and I were having an initial phone conversation about his travel-related company. He explained the way his company works and some of the challenges they were facing. I could tell he was trying to simplify his story and boil it down to generic business terms that anyone could understand.

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Content Marketing: How To Write When You Run Out

Over the past few years it seems as if there are an endless number of articles about content marketing: why you should do it, where you should do it, how often you should do it, and on and on. That’s all fine and dandy until you sit down to write your articles, then on your 10th article you run out of material. Where do you draw more inspiration from?

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Fans: Quality vs. Quantity

When talking about social media fan growth strategies, there inevitably comes a time when you must decide: “Do we want MORE fans in general, or MORE engaged fans?” This decision comes with the subtext of “do we want a few hundred/few thousand new fans, or tens of thousands of new fans?” At first glance, the “obvious” answer is that you want more engaged fans… Well, I’m sorry to say it, but that’s a flawed conclusion, and here’s why:

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Social Media During a Crisis

While most brands will usually be seen on social media “post-crisis” expressing things like “Our hearts are with X today” or “We at XX would like to send our deepest condolences…” I think it is vitally important to realize what they are actually doing: posting for likes and shares. buy clomid spain And that frankly, is less than palatable to me. sociology – the writing center While I understand that there are plenty of businesses that make their money during and after certain crises (i.e. term paper writer news organizations), it doesn’t mean that leveraging painful events for a like is fair game either.

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Hack into your “A-Ha” moments

When I first started in this field, there were always people I greatly admired for their effortless ability to come up with new ideas, to find solutions to complex problems or just to see deeper into problems on first glance than I could after an hour of careful thought.

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Running a hotel without a brand – not another article with generic advice

Most of us know the benefits that come from running a branded hotel: recognition, distribution channels, learning resources, marketing, operating manuals, loyalty programs, etc. However, many high-quality medium and large properties are run as independent/unbranded hotels for a variety of reasons.

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The Laws of Attraction

Pull them in without pushing them away Because of how the marketing landscape has changed over the past few years, it should be a no-brainer that the marketing materials you are creating should also change, right? But yet, we continue to see it.

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It’s 2013 and some hotels still don’t get it!

In this day and age of always-on connectivity, guest reviews, smartphones and social media, one would expect ALL hotels to know that certain aspects of running their business are not optional.

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