An open letter to Marissa Mayer, 

I have been a loyal and dedicated Yahoo Mail user for close to TWENTY years as far I can recall. (Your search engine? a little less loyal and dedicated… OK, not at all.) But I have to tell you… lately your mail service has been terrible. I don’t blame you specifically, but since you’re in charge of the whole kit’n’kaboodle (or kitten kaboodle as the case may be) I appeal to you.

Your search engine/homepage reeks of an early century AOL homepage, but I can deal with that by just not using it. Do some of your other features work well? I don’t know because I can’t simply navigate them.

But I do know that Yahoo Mail (excuse me… Yahoo! Mail) has been a go-to staple in my life since the dawn of the Internet. When others upped their space allowances, so did you. When I needed more folders, I could count on Yahoo! Mail. When you tried to fuse mail and Yahoo! Messenger, I gave it a shot… (and then got extra spam from bots… but I don’t blame for that).

But lately… and here’s where I get serious…
The average functionality of your e-mail service has gone downhill. Your coding is shabby, laggy, and as buggy as I’ve seen since the late 90’s. My e-mails won’t load in the preview window… I delete e-mails only to see them either not delete, or to see nothing happen at all… oftentimes refreshing does not work… And the idea of hitting “compose” gives me night terrors… I honestly feel like I’m navigating a Flash site created by a high school student… it’s not fun.

Now…  I’m sure you have PLENTY of good things in the works… and maybe you will even have the new one-upped in the coming days… maybe you’ve figured out how to make Google look like just goo… but come on. It’s time to implement. The iron is hot… strike. Please.

As a loyal and dedicated user, I am going to stick it out a bit longer… but I beg you, I implore you to fix this. I’ve counted on your for 20 years to keep me abreast of everything from first-date requests to job applications to winning the Nigerian lottery. Please, don’t let me down.


Jason Holloway